The Magnolia Day Spa at Harlows Casino in Greenville, MS


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Massage Therapy Services

  • The Magnolia Classic – Indulge yourself in a relaxing therapeutic experience based on traditional Swedish, Deep Tissue and Hot Stone modalities to soothe muscles and increase blood flow using a hint of honey and magnolia flower oil that brings an instantly silky, soothing feel to the skin. 50 min $125 / 80 min $150

  • Deep Tissue Massage – An intensive massage using moderate to deep pressure directed at the deeper layers of the muscle. Designed to reduce anxiety, release tension, stress, and fatigue for overall improvement of muscle function and increased energy. 50 min $130/ 80 min $155

  • Hot Stone Therapy – A full body massage with moderate pressure using hot basalt stones to melt away tension, decrease muscle spasm, stiffness, and increase circulation and metabolism. 50 min $120 / 80 min $145

  • Post Operative Therapy – Manual Lymphatic Drainage to decrease recovery time and improve cosmetic liposuction result, by reducing swelling and fibrosis (scar tissue formation). 50 min $120 / 80 min $150

  • Prenatal Massage – A soothing therapeutic bodywork to alleviate swelling, joint and back pain, enema, stress and focuses on the special needs of the mother to be . This massage is recommended for the second and third trimester. 50 min $125 / 80 min $150

  • Relaxing Back Neck & Shoulder Massage – The ideal solution to neck, back, and shoulder pain caused my knots and or muscle tension in the upper body. 25min $65 / 50 min $100/ 80 min $130

  • Swedish (Relaxation) Massage – This classic massage blends light to medium pressure and combines long, gliding strokes, gentle kneading, warm friction, and vibration to release tension and increase circulation. 50 min $115 / 80 min $145

  • Therapeutic (Sports) Massage – A form of therapeutic bodywork combining trigger point therapy, deep tissue, cupping and stretching to decrease tension and lactic acid build up in muscles. This treatment is designed to help athletes and is useful for anyone who exercise to prevent injuries, increase flexibility and joint mobilization. 50 min $150 / 80 min $185

  • Pain Management Therapy – A therapeutic massage to alleviate chronic pain using a combination of moderate to deep pressure, trigger point therapy, hot and cold stone therapy. 50 min $130 / 80 min $165

  • Bamboo Fusion Massage – Hot or warm bamboo canes used to soothe sore, tender, and painful muscles using Swedish massage or deep tissue strokes, kneading and rolling to provide relief and relaxation that will last for days. 50 min $125 / 80 min $150

Skin Care Treatments

  • Relaxing Facial – Our relaxing facial treatment increases blood circulation which helps to relax facial tension and reduce the level of stress you experience in your day to day life. 50 min $125 / 80 min $150
  • Anti-Aging Facial – Designed to slow the aging process, brightens skin, and reduce wrinkles. Ideal for addressing the age concerns of the neck, decollate, and hands . 50 min $130 / 80 min $150

  • Brightening Facial – Accelerate brightening, improve skin tone, enhance skin clarity, and creates a fresher, healthier appearance with this effective treatment. Powerful exfoliants smooth and slough off dulling surface cells, helping to minimize the appearance of sun and age spots. 50 min $125 / 80 min $150

  • Advanced Chemical Peel – A chemical peel applied to the top layers of damaged, wrinkled or blemished skin to induce peeling, allowing growth d replacement of new, healthy skin. 50 min $135 / 80 min $160


  • The Gentlemen’s Facial – A relaxing facial specifically for the man of the hour!! This treatment starts with facial steam and hot towels to open pores for ingrown hair removal followed by a deep cleansing exfoliating scrub and extractions.  50 min $125 / 80 min $150


  • Acne Facial – A deep cleansing of the skin to remove impurities, debris, and oil. This facial treatment unclogs pores using advanced exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, oil production and inflammation of the skin.  50 min $130 / 80 min $150

Nail Treatments

  • Classic Manicure $45 / Pedicure $55

  • Hydrating Manicure $55 / Pedicure $65

  • Therapeutic Manicure $65 / Pedicure $75

Waxing Services

  • Eyebrow Design $20
  • Lip $12
  • Chin $15
  • Half/Full Arms $35/$45
  • Underarms $30
  • Half/Full Leg $45/$85
  • Bikini $60
  • Extended Bikini $75
  • Brazilian $95
  • Chest $65
  • Back $75
  • Shoulder $35
  • Neck $30
  • Feet/Toes $15
  • Manzilian $115
  • Manzilian (Back Only) $65

Spa Treatments

  • The Brazilian & Vajacial Duo –  Full waxing and vaginal facial service that completely removes pubic hair from the front, upper thighs and anal. While providing a post care treatment and a calming, hydrating mask to help with ingrown hairs, dead skin cells, and hyperpigmentation to maintain  fresh, healthy, and hydrated skin. 80 min  $165 


  • Green Tea Full Body Detox & DeStress –  From calming detoxification to exceptional relaxation, this head to toe treatment will start with warm organic green tea detox body polish to exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate the lymphatic system, following a relaxing Swedish Massage with Organic Green Tea Oil and ending with our lymphatic facial massage. 80 min $185


  • Nitty Gritty Massage & Back Scrub – Nourish your back with this gentle non-abrasive oat exfoliating treatment that begins with DermAware Nitty Gritty Scrub to lift and remove dull, dry skin leaving a helathy glow, followed by black activated charcoal mask to purify and brighten skin, ending with a full body massage with warm agave nectar oil to help hydrate and seal in softness with a hint of shine. 75 min $150


  • Massage & Facial Duo –  Enjoy a relaxing experience with this massage and facial duo!! Look your best and feel refreshed with a relaxing back neck and shoulder massage and a relaxing facial designed to meet all your skin care needs using DermAware Bio-Targerted Skin Care products. 90 min $175 


Post Operative Therapy

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Massage to decrease recovery time and improve cosmetic liposuction results, by reducing post surgical swelling and fibrosis (scar tissue formation). (50 ...
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Hot Stone Therapy

A full body massage with moderate pressure using hot stones to stiffness, and increase circulation and metabolism. (50 minute $120 80 minute $145)
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Therapeutic (Deep Tissue) Massage

Therapeutic (Deep Tissue) Massage

An intensive therapeutic massage using moderate to deep pressure directed at the deeper layers of the muscle. (50 minute $125 80 minute $150)
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Relaxing Back and Neck Massage in Greenville, MS

The Magnolia Classic

Indulge yourself in a relaxing experience based on traditional Swedish techniques (50 minute $110 80 minute $130)
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